My Letter in April 2nd Finanical Times

Dear Marc;

Congratulations - well done.

However the best way to "save" Social Security would be a two way method involving and age and means test. First establish a baseline of 50 years of age as a cut off point effective today for anyone else to receive Social Security retirement benefits. In other words if you are now 50 years of age you will NOT receive any Social Security retirment benefits. This gives you 15 years to save up for a nest egg.

Secondly a means test would be anyone earning retirment benefits beyond the standard Social Security benefits currently of say $1,200 a month would receive no Social Security retirements benefits.

Then based on the necessary actuarial re-calculations a new percentage of base earned income would be devolved for the evils of payroll taxes to retire the current crop of recipients and allow no more.

This would also require admitting no more Social Security disability benefit recipients as well.

Due to the fact Social Security is considered a third rail by gutless politicians this fix while drastic could save Social Security for the current recipients. Then eventually go out of business as the need for further payroll deductions came to a stop as the recipients literally died off.

Then a little side note would be laying off all those Social Security retirement and disability administrators because the department got defunded and they all got "Riffed" ( reduction if force layoffs ) and then all the office rents and computers and so on could be shut down and costs of them cut from the taxpayers backs and wallets as well.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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