My court date tomorrow (Thursday) in Fremont

It's been over a month since my most recent court date stemming from my arrest in Fremont last December, and it's time to go in for yet another pre-trial appearance tomorrow. (Meant to announce this earlier, as usual... sorry about that!) I talked to Erica (my attorney) yesterday, and apparently the appeals court still has not ruled on our motion to change judges yet. She doesn't want to make any further motions in this court while there's still a chance we'll move to another, although there is a new DA on the case and she may try to talk with him regarding the possibility of a plea bargain (in case he's more reasonable than the last one). So tomorrow could be pretty uneventful again, and I wouldn't take off work for it or anything. However anyone who would like to come in support, or just out of curiosity to see how the sausage that's euphemistically called "justice" gets made, is of course welcome to join us.

  I'll be getting a ride over there from SF with Erica, and she has room for a couple more if anyone else would like a ride. We'll be meeting outside her office (345 Franklin Street between Hayes & Grove) at 730 a.m. If you're planning to go over on your own, the location is the Fremont Municipal Court, 39439 Paseo Padre Parkway, and we're in Department 602 on the 2nd floor, starting at 900 a.m. They don't usually get rolling until 915 or so, and there's always other people in court too, but I'm usually first on the docket. (When you have a private attorney you go to the head of the line; they are the only people besides the judge whose time seems to be respected in court!) It's about a 10 minute walk from BART, just exit out the parking lot and go right on Walnut past Civic until you come to Paseo Padre, then it's just across the street on your left.

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