Moussaoui Death Penalty Case May Be Tossed

Dear Everyone;
  Here's another nail in the coffin representing the egregious stupidity of State Prosecutors - coaching government witnesses using previous testimony. If the judge agrees this was a severe violation of court orders out goes the death penalty and in comes life without parole.
    The judge warned the government at that point that it was treading on shaky legal ground because she knew of no case where a failure to act resulted in a death penalty as a matter of law.
  "This is the second significant error by the government affecting the constitutional rights of this defendant and, more importantly, the integrity of the criminal justice system in this country," Brinkema said Monday.
  Put this idiocy right alongside the trial of the lawyer who was supposed to have assisted the Madrid bombers and the Detroit terrorists cell trial and the Florida trial of the so-called terrorist professor and the Idaho trial of the supposed terrorist web site college student. All were acquitted and found not guilty. D'OH!!!
  The only thing these trials are is less violent examples of Ruby Ridge and Waco.
  Your tax payers dollars working real fine protecting us from terrorists - but who's gonna protect us from the idiots in the government???
  The "State" dumb as a fence post and just as dense with all the IQ of a pound of ground beef or a head of lettuce with no disrespect intended to ground beef or lettuce.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian