Motion to transfer our domain name ( registration from SiteGround to


We have another upcoming expense on September 20 that I would like to
change. This may seem just like pinching pennies, but there is a purpose
behind it as well. : )
*On Saturday, I will make a motion to transfer our domain registration
of from SiteGround to*
When we moved our web hosting off of SiteGround last year, we left the
domain name registration there. The only reason we did this is because
it auto-renewed earlier than the hosting, it wasn't really intentional.
It doesn't make that much difference, however having our domain on
SiteGround and not our hosting makes it less convenient.
I would like to move our hosting to, another domain registrar I
have used in the past. There are 2 main reasons for this:
1) SiteGround's administration options are really clunky.
2) SiteGround doesn't provide the ability to do email forwarding.
   ( ->
I was able to work around (2) by doing the same thing on our server, but
the configuration for this was confusing even for me. It would be nice
to be able to edit these in a web browser whenever we need to and be
confident that it works. There are some other minor features
provides that we may make use of as well.
It's not a big change at all and shouldn't have any impact on our operation--
no one will notice. The cost would change from $17.95/year to SiteGround
to $12.99 per year to, with the first year at only $8.25. Minor
savings, and more importantly better service.
This is all background so that it takes less time at our meeting to
discuss. I don't want to spend much time on it since it's not a very
important change.