MOTION - Re: Truth in advertising on building fund (letter to donors)

As I noted in a June 19 message to the Libertarian National Committee's LNC-discuss list,

• We promised donors to the project [to purchase a new LP national headquarters building] that their money would be spent to buy a *building*, which would be named the "David F. Nolan Memorial Building" -- not just office space in a building. I've seen nothing in this proposal to indicate that we would even have naming rights to the building as a whole... we need to act with integrity and fulfill the promises we make to people when we ask them to give us their money. People are already calling this a "bait-and-switch", and they have a valid point. If we go forward with this, it will undermine the confidence of donors and supporters in the party.

  Having seen no messages disagreeing with that assessment, I hope all of you will join me in supporting the following motion: