More problems with the membership form - UPDATED REQUEST

Dear Rob;

Have you reviewed the proposed changes based on the LPCA sec's recommendations?
Marcie had this to say about the changes:

Thank you, once again. I am OK with the new version, except for one item: from the perspective of one such as I who reads fast and absorbs minimally, I would say some would be expecting the GG Libertarian and the CA Freedom no matter what, as seemingly promised in the opening paragraph. Less commitment would be expressed by simply saying $25 basic membership; $55 basic membership with subscription to CA Freedom, etc. etc., or some such phrase.
Gracias por su paciencia. Bom trabalho!! Merci bien!!

Frau Marcy

Is there anything else or is it good to go to Bryce for installing the PDF on the LPSF web site or make the changes or ???

Merci Beaucoup! Muchos gracias Senor.

Pleased see the attachment for the pdf version which will go on the LPSF web site.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Libertarian Party of San Francisco Membership.pdf (21.1 KB)

I agree with Marcy that it looks like it's saying you'll get both
newsletters even if you pay $25. I'm not sure about how it should be

But, again, why not just take the LPC's form and modify it with SF info?

Their version fits in a business envelope without folding. Ours looks
like it was done in MS Word, and it has to be folded for mailing.

I've attached what I was able to accomplish in 5 minutes with a nearly
10 year old version of Paint Shop Pro. If we had a "text nerd" in our
midst, I'm sure he could do much better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think requests for volunteers/candidates and such should be done after
a person has joined, when we phone/write/email them, and this request
appears to be the only thing on our form that's not on the LPC form.

I won't micro-manage this project, but I just wanted to do the attached
example in case folks didn't understand what I meant when I suggested it


Ron Getty wrote: