Dear Everyone;

The SF Chronicle had responses to their crime wave editorial Wednesday from DA Harris - Mayor Newosm - Chief Fong as well as a separate column from a former prosecutor in the DA's office. Jim Hammer.

Please take the time to read all 4 they are not that long - but they have a bearing on our proposed Law Enforcement Redeployment Petition. The last article is an interveiw done Thursday with Mayor Newsom about the crime wave and what's happening.

BTW: Because the Editorials directly apply to what we hope to achieve with our Police Petition I am sending to both Discuss and Activists - as it should be needed reading by all LPSF'ers as to why we need the police petition.


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

Mayor Newsom

Chief Fong

DA Harris

Jim Hammer - Former DA Prosecutor

Sf Chronicle Editorial 8-30-06

Mayor Newson Interveiew on 8-31-06


  These articles may all be terribly relevant, but lots of stuff sent to LPSF lists pertains to lots of things we're doing, and if it all got sent to both lists, a lot more of our time would be wasted. Other people don't seem to be frequently posting to both lists simultaneously as you do. I'm struggling to keep up with email. Please spare the vast majority of us the extra deleting and post to one list or the other, not both.

Thank you,
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Dear Starchild;

The only time in the recent past has been with the police petiton and news thereof and impacting stories impacting the petiton as we are supposedly trying to get something running on this quickly and this means activists and discussers contributing their resources. Activists by themselves ain't enough.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian