More on the Green Cross hearing

A new article has been posted which goes into great detail on the recent hearing on the attempt to close the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary, which mentions me by name and identifies me as being with the Libertarian Party:

  One thing I meant to mention before which unfortunately didn't make it into the article was the planning nightmare related by a Green Cross opponent, which I revisited in my remarks as an introduction to the line of argument which so infuriated the planning administrator that he turned off my mic.

  This particular neighbor's complaint concerned what she deemed the lax regulation of the cannabis club as compared to her own experience of being raked over the bureaucratic coals for attempting to keep a flower box on the sidewalk outside her house. According to her testimony, it took TWO VOTES of the FULL Board of Supervisors before she was allowed to keep the box! I wish I had remembered to hunt her down afterward and get the full story. Another one of those "only in San Francisco" anecdotes that seem to demand laughing and crying at the same time...

Yours in liberty,
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