More on Operation Bite: Russians have pulled workers out of Iran

31) Blinking red light
by William S. Lind

"On March 23, Iran seized 15 British sailors and Marines in the
Shatt-al-Arab, accusing them of operating in Iranian waters. Normally,
this sort of minor border incident would not be worth much thought. But
given the strength of the war parties both in Washington and in Tehran,
any incident is the equivalent of smoking in the powder magazine. So
what is really going on here? We probably will not know the answer to
that question until British, American and Iranian archives are opened
many years from now. But some careful thought may at least point us in
the right direction." (04/04/07)

But here's the part I found interesting:
Rumors have circulated in Washington for months naming April as the
likely time for a U.S. strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Such rumors
are common in wartime and usually prove wrong. But starting about two
weeks ago, the Russians have pulled out the hundreds of people they had
working on Iran's first nuclear power plant, now nearing completion. The
official Russian explanation was a "contract dispute," but if you
believe that I have a great bridge up in Brooklyn I'd love to sell you.
If in fact Washington plans to hit Iran in April, it almost has to have
tipped the Russians off so they could get their people out. Not doing so
would have meant lots of dead Russians, killed by American bombs, with
serious consequences in Europe and the U.N. as well as to
American-Russian relations. The Russian pull-out, if not a direct leak
from Moscow to Tehran, would have tipped off the Iranians. The question
for them then would be, how to pre-empt?