more on global warming

Two notes: First, beware of conflating two very important questions. One
is a scientific question (or set of questions): Is anthropogenic global
climate change a reality, is it a bad thing, and can it be reversed? The
second is a political question: What should society do about it?

The Left, taken collectively, says, "Yes, it's a problem, and the
government must aggressively control emissions to stop it." Because as
libertarians we reject the government solution does not mean that we
should reject the first answer; we should look at the science
independently of the politics, as we demand that those of the left do.
Conversely, we mustn't accuse those who say "yes" to the first question of
therefore wanting the government to fix the problem.

Secondarily, note that the article ends with:

UPDATE: One source claims that this story, as reported in the press, is
not accurate and that the local officials deny they passed such a law.
Numerous other news sources continue to report it as fact. It was
suggested that this is an April Fool�s Joke. If so I can�t find any
reports of it on April 1st. So I can�t say with certainty at this time.
One small outfit says it is not true and several, including major ones,
say it is.

Remember the brothel/worker's comp thing that went around; after a single
bad story, many other news organizations picked up the report and passed
it around. Once something gets into the news, it's very hard to get out.