More on animals

Hi everyone,

Rob just responded very well on the subject but I already put so much
work into this post that I'm going to send it anyway. Here goes.

The words "abuse" and "torture" and "cruelty" have been used in this
discussion to describe the noodling of ducks. Presumably, this is
because their livers are distended. The fact that they are enlarged
doesn't mean that the practice is "abuse", "torture" or "cruelty".
Have those guys with distended pectorals been "abused" and "tortured"
or treated "cruelly"? I know people with distended livers from wine
consumption but they haven't been "abused", "tortured" or treated

This issue seems to be the left's response to the right's position
on abortion, a subject recently handled very well by
Bruce Cohen. While I personally "feel" that abortion is a disgusting
and evil practice that will send people straight to hell, I've learned
that making the practice illegal isn't going to take evil out of the
world or end abortions. My response was not to abort any of my children.

So for those who have an above average sympathy for the treatment of
animals, I suggest you consider doing something personally about it other than use
government to tell other people how to do something about it. Perhaps
you can start one of those fancy pet hotels that have been springing
up. Or you can buy a farm and just let the animals do whatever they
want just because you enjoy seeing them in their natural state while
you tend a garden for food. Spending time trying to tell other people
how to live their lives on their property is much less rewarding and
doesn't do a thing for the creatures you love. That's a shame.
Spending time discussing how other people should do things is just mental

A Baptist minister I once met said that he suggests people spend 50% of their time minding their own business and the other 50% staying out of other people's business.

I respect those who feel extra close to animals and those who don't
want to eat them because of it. I would never sneak fois gras into a
vegetable soup and not tell you about it and would certainly never
force you to eat it. So let's stop being busy-bodies about other
people's lives and tastes and get back to fighting for freedom. And
let's respect the freedom of those with whom we disagree. That is what
it means to be a Libertarian.