More On A Housing Initiative and Some Data

I just googled "low income","home ownership",San Francisco. I got
more hits than I can read in a lifetime. The PDF document
summarizing S.F. government/HUD help with low income first time home
ownership is two pages long. I have not read the details, so I do
not know whether the programs include ownership of the projects. It
will be good reading also for this weekend. My gosh, the poverty
pimps own this town!


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> Dear Everyone;
> More info on the housing situation.
> The total budget for the SFHA is $235 million. Departments within
the SFHA include Public Housing Operations, Section 8, Management
Services and Support, Housing Development and Modernization, Finance,
Office of the General Counsel, and the Office of Fair Housing.
> Some 12,000 residents and some 21,000 Section 8 recepients are
provided for with a waiting list of: 29,000 for housing and 26,000
for Section 8 and some 53 properties with 6400 units.
> 43% are African-Amercian for residences and 35% for Sect.8.
Pacific Islanders are next at 27% and 28% respectively Caucasians at
18% and 27% and Hispanics at 9% and 8%.
> For comparison purposes demographically total SF population
rounded off: whites - 50% Asians - 31% Hispanic - 14% Blacks - 8%
Pacific Islanders - .5%.
> The average tenant rent is $254.00 on a $12,000 income the
average section 8 rent is $367 on an average income of $15,000.
> There are 5,500 households in residences and some 9,600 for
> For all the good that is being attempted not a peep about helping
the residents get property ownerships rights or attempting to help
them get those rights or even thinking about getting those rights.
> No plans for doing what will be the new trend in SF - TIC bank
building funding for the buiding with individual carveouts for the
separate units. One loan for individual property owners.
> If it can work for a TIC why not a housing project what's been
fixed up with sweat equity???
> Ron Getty
> SF Libertarian


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