Minutes of the LPSF Meetin of 5/12/07

In the letter re things that needed to get done at the
May LPSF meeting that I delivered to you before I
left, I had asked for an allocation of money for
brochures for our booth at Gay Pride week-end (I had
enclosed the list of brochures needed -and cost- with
my letter). I notice this wasn't done. It's not a
problem for me personally. I will be away at Porcfest
on Gay Pride, but it would be a shame for the LPSF if
we didn't have a full range of documents on our
positions for people who stop by at the booth. I
don't know how fast ISIL ships, but waiting til the
next meeting may not be a good idea. If you think this
is important enough, you might want to consider
getting Executive Committee approval for the
allocation so I can place the order

To: lpsf-activists@yahoogroups.com
From: "Amarcy D. Berry" <amarcyb@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 19:24:29 -0000
Subject: [lpsf-activists] Minutes of the LPSF Meetin
of 5/12/07

Dear All,

Here are the minutes of the LPSF Meeting of 5/12/07,
which I took in
Francoise's absence. Please let me know if you see
any corrections
that need to be made. I will print a final copy for
Francoise on
Monday, and she will also post the final copy on the
LPSF Activist


Minutes for the LPSF Monthly Meeting of May 12, 2007
Members present: Phil Berg (Chair) presiding, Marcy
(recording), Bryce Bigwood, Mike Denny, Michael
Edelstein, Ron
Getty, Jawj Greenwald, Tim Kuklinsky, Jeremy Linden,
Guests present: Anthony Gregory (guest speaker),
Peter Schoewe
(Alameda County LP), Martin Burger.

Officer Reports

Treasurer: Justin Sampson out of town; Marcy Berry
read Justin's
report - Starting Balance $3,472.22. April Pizza
Jar excess $20.85,
Anonymous donation $5.00, Market St. Mailhouse 12
months ($240.00),
Web Hosting Logic 3 months ($44.85), Dues received
by LPSF forwarded
to LPC ($180.00). Ending Balance $3,033.22.

Secretary - Françoise Fielding out of town;
Starchild read
Françoise's report: $75.00 should be allocated to
libertarian literature for distribution at the Gay
Pride booth.
Research is needed regarding investing part of the
LPSF funds in an
investment account. Members of Activists List whose
e-mail are
bouncing should be removed from the list.

Vice Chair - Starchild had no report as Vice Chair.

Chair, Phil Berg - Requested the Web Committee to
look into low-cost
or free web hosting. Will find out from the
leadership of Outright
Libertarians plans for an LP booth at the Gay Pride

Committee Reports: None


Phil Berg announced plans for an LP Fundraiser on
June 14, venue to
be confirmed later. Plans are for LPC Chair Kevin
Takenaga and LP
Northern Vice Chair Richard Newell to present goals
for LP California.

Michael Edelstein announced Free State Project's
PorkFest on June 22,
information on www.freestateproject.org.

Michael also called the membership's attention to
Second Life, a
virtual community in which a Libertarian presence
could be used to
demonstrate libertarian ideas. Website is

Peter Schoewe announced a White Water Rafting outing
for all ages
organized by East Bay LP. Cost is $75.00.

Old Business: None
New Business: None

Guest Speaker Anthony Gregory: Anthony is a research
analyst at The
Independent Institute in Oakland, regularly writes
for numerous news
and commentary web sites, and is a recipient of the
Ron Paul Liberty
in Media Award.

Anthony's excellent presentation was entitled
"Talking to the Left,"
do's and don'ts when communicating libertarian ideas
to left-leaning

Expose ideas of liberty; explain why liberty
provides a better
approach to challenges

Focus on the ends commonly shared, such as equal
rights and freedom
from oppression. For example, if agreement can be
obtained in the
arbitrary justice of incarceration, the premise of
not jailing
people for victimless crimes could also be agreed

Give examples where government is oppressive, with
its power to jail
or kill, to counter the left's view of government's

Concentrate on the "good reachable left" (believes
in freedom from
authority), since the "bad unreachable left"
(believes is rigid
rules, control) is more challenging.

Seize opportunities, such as occurring at present,
given number of
voters dissatisfied with the current Administration.

Use cognitive dissonance to inject confusion in
beliefs. For example, not consistent to vilify
Bush, but not Fidel
Castro, for anti gay stances.

Stay principled. Don't equivocate. Your listener
will detect any
fake accommodation.

Anthony took numerous questions from the audience
after his

After the meeting's adjournment, everyone enjoyed
the Pizza Social.

Francoise Fielding
820 Stanyan Street,#5
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Phil & Francoise,

  IIRC, the item came up, but we never voted on it. I'm in favor. I am curious though, Francoise, how you came up with the varying amounts of the different pamphlets -- the list seemed to have a lot of odd numbers, like 29 of one pamphlet, 34 of another, etc. The truth is thirty copies of anything isn't going to go that far anyway. I suggest that we fill your order, or some round number of each pamphlet, say 30, but also pick a few of the ones we like best, say the top half dozen, and order 500 each of those, along with 500 of Mike Acree's pamphlet (or did we already order his? I know we talked about it...). That way we can concentrate on handing those out, and just keep two or three dozen each of the others on hand if people specifically ask about those issues. Taking a quick review of the ISIL pamphlets (see http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/ ) my tentative choices might be:

• Dictatorship at Your Doorstep ( http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/dictatorship-at-doorstep.html )
• A History of Jury Nullification ( http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/history-jury-null.html )
• Immigration: An Open or Closed Door? ( http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/immigration-english.html )
• The Hidden War on Your Privacy ( http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/hidden-war-priv.html )
• Free Trade or Protectionism? ( http://www.isil.org/resources/lit/free-trade-protectionism.html )
• The Causes of Aggression ( ttp://www.isil.org/resources/lit/causes-aggression.html )

  Unless others have other suggestions, I will formulate this as a motion for the Executive Committee to vote on.

Love & liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>