Minutes of LPSF meeting of December 8th, 2007

Dear All:
  Attached-and copied below for your convenience are the minutes of the last meeting.
  Please let me have your corrections within a week.
  Happy Holidays,
    Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of December 8th, 2007
  Members Present: Phil Berg presiding, Francoise Fielding recording, Ron Getty, Bryce Bigwood, Rob Power, Marcy Berry, Jeremy Linden, Steve DeKorte, Chris Maden
  Guests: Bruce Kramer, Donna Power (Rob’s Mom), Witold Stankiewicz
  Welcome and Introductions
  Bruce Kramer has been a long-time member of the Libertarian Party. He joined around 1974 but stopped attending meetings in the late 1980s when Ron Paul ran for President because he objected to the religious overtones of the campaign.
  Witold Stankiewicz is a software engineer. He is interested in politics and economics and wanted to see what the LPSF was about.
  Officer Reports:
   Treasurer’s Report: Justin Sampson was absent but sent an email stating that the LPSF’s financial position hadn’t changed much from last month.
   Secretary’s Report: Francoise Fielding reported that mail received consisted of campaign mailings from Daniel Imperato to various current and former officers of the LPSF.
   Vice-Chair’s Report: Starchild was absent.
   Chair’s Report: Phil Berg was absent at the time of the report.
  Committee Reports:
  Outreach: Starchild was absent.
  Newsletter: Starchild was absent.
  Webhosting: Bryce Bigwood reported that he has the current membership list for November. Beau Cain (LPCA Secretary) will send December’s list. Bryce also has a list of former members whose memberships have expired since March. Soon we should be able to get on-line a list of people whose memberships have expired.
  Ron Getty was awarded another Light of Liberty Award for 2006. He has also qualified for a Light of Liberty Award for 2007 which will be awarded in 2008.
  Membership Renewals:
  Chris Maden, Jeremy Linden and Tim Kuklinsky renewed their memberships. Since the Treasurer was absent, the money was given to Marcy Berry who will transmit it to the LPCA.
  Ballot Propositions:
   San Francisco
              There are three local propositions on the San Francisco ballot.
  1. Prop A is a $185 million bond issue the for upgrading San Francisco Parks.
              The LPSF recommends a vote of “No”
  2. Prop B is a proposed Charter Amendment to create a new deferred retirement option program for members of the San Francisco Police Department. Within the next couple of years several hundred officers will retire. The mandated staffing level of 1,900 officers cannot be maintained because there are not enough new officers-in-training in the pipeline. The issue that under the City Charter officers cannot continue to work and receive a pension at the same time. The Charter Amendment would change that by establishing a special fund into which retirement benefits would be paid to be collected when the officers retire. The measure is designed to be revenue neutral.
              The problem is that the Board of Supervisors could extend the situation beyond what is intended in which case it would no longer be revenue neutral.
              In addition, there are enough officers to perform the work that the LPSF thinks needs to be performed. If there are not enough officers, things like the Vice-Squad could be shut down.
              The LPSF recommends a vote of “No”
  3. Prop C would adopt a policy that the City acquire Alcatraz Island to make it a Global Peace Center.
              The LPSF recommends a vote of “No”
      Proposition 91 is a Constitutional Amendment that prohibits certain motor vehicle fuel taxes from being retained in the General Fund and delays repayment of such taxes previously retained. It changes how and when General Fund borrowing of certain transportation funds is allowed.

              This Amendment essentially just shortens the period the General Fund can borrow the money for.
              Bruce Kramer brought up the fact that there are too many constitutional amendments.
              The LPSF voted to take a stand of “No Recommendation”
      Proposition 92 is a Constitutional Amendment that sets aside several hundred million dollars to go to Community Colleges out of the State budget.

              It would increase state spending by an indeterminable amount indefinitely.
              The LPSF recommends a vote of “No”
      Proposition 93 is a Constitutional Amendment that ostensibly limits legislators’ terms in office. Currently legislators can serve a maximum of two terms in the State Assembly (6 years) and two terms in the State Senate (8 years) for a total of 14 years. With this Amendment, a legislator could serve 12 years in either house. It increases seniority.

              The LPSF recommends a vote of “No”
      There are four measures concerning Indian Casinos and gambling. If voters say yes they will approve an agreement between the government and certain tribes to increase the number of slot machines and increase the amount the casinos will give to the State. On the other hand, the government won’t reduce its spending. We don’t want to “feed the beast”

              and give Schwarznegger credit for reducing the deficit.
              The LPSF voted to take a stand of “No Recommendation”
  Information on nominations is provided as a courtesy to LPSF members. Nominations do not close until January.
  For Chair: Phil Berg
                    Rob Power
  For Vice-Chair: Jeremy Linden
  For Secretary: Marcy Berry
  Treasurer: No nominations
  There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:25 pm for the holiday party.
Phil Berg treated everyone to pizza

Francoise Fielding
820 Stanyan Street,#5
San Francisco, CA 94117

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