Minutes of June 9th LPSF meeting

Hi All:
  Attached are the minutes of our last meeting. Please let me have your corrections by a week from today.
  I have also copied and pasted a copy of the Minutes below. Please note that this process, for some reason, does not totallly replicate what the minutes look like in some parts.
    Minutes for the LPSF Monthly meeting of June 9th, 2007
  Members present: Starchild (Vice-Chair) presiding, Francoise Fielding (recording), Bryce Bigwood, Marcy Berry, Mike Acree, Ron Getty, Brian Miller, Tim Kuklinsky, Michael Edelstein, Marc Joffe, Jeremy Linden.
  New Agenda Items: Mayoral race and the future structure of the LPSF.
  Officer Reports:
   Treasurer: Justin Sampson on vacation. Francoise Fielding read his report:
              “The only treasury activity this month has been the dues check from the LPC, which was just $30. I’ve asked Angela for clarification but didn’t get a response before I left. I believe it’s just for 4th Q of 2006, so she’s still got a lot to process”.
   Secretary: Francoise Fielding announced the contents of the mailbox: East Bay Libertarian Lifeline, appeal for funds from the National Libertarian party, announcement from Californians for Electoral Reform about their annual meeting and election of directors, flyer from Sheriff Michael Hennessy about his re-election bid, junk mail and one piece of returned mail.
   Vice-Chair: Starchild had nothing to report.
   Chair: Phil Berg was absent.
  Committee Reports:
   Outreach: Starchild reported that he has been involved with Ed Rosenthal’s medical marijuana case. He attended court sessions, spoke at a rally and had a radio interview about the case. He was also one of several LPSFers to attend a Ron Paul campaign planning meet-up on May 21st.
   Newsletter: Starchild apologized for not having gotten the newsletter out yet. He recently upgraded his computer and the software for the newsletter is not compatible with it. He expects to have the newsletter out by Friday.
   Starchild has not been able to reach Mark Johnson re the proposed LP fundraiser at Johnson’s house on May 14th. When he gets the information, Starchild will post it on the lpsf-discuss list.
   Michael Edelstein made available a Guatanamo poster and a May 2007 Reason magazine.
  Old Business:
   Poster Budget: The cost is $950 for 250 posters ($300 for the artist’s fee, $500 for printing and $150 for shipping). There is $390 in the poster fund (including a $100 donation promised by Philip Berg). Starchild said that we have agreed with Scott Bieser, the artist, that in the event another group wants to reprint the poster with their contact information on the bottom, we will split the licensing proceeds with the artist. There was a discussion about where the posters would be distributed. This gave rise to the question about whether there had been any test-marketing done (no) and whether it was worth spending money from the LPSF Treasury for something unproven. After considering various options (such as just paying the artist his fee and ordering no posters, or ordering a lesser quantity (and losing economies of scale), a motion was made to spend $950 ($390 from the poster fund and $560 from the LPSF Treasury) for 250 posters as long as they were delivered in time
for Gay Pride week-end. The motion passed with 6 in favor and 2 opposed (2 abstentions). Starchild will ask Philip Berg to sign a check on Tuesday when he returns.
   Surveillance brochure: This issue had been tabled in March until the April meeting when it was again tabled due to Starchild’s absence. It was not addressed at the May meeting because there was a guest speaker. A motion was made to publish an edited version of the brochure with Michael Edelstein to do the editing. The motion was carried 5 in favor, 3 against, with 2 abstentions. The funding and distribution of the brochure were left to be decided at the next meeting.
  New Business:
   Gay Pride: Brian Miller, Chair of Outright Libertarians, attended the meeting and briefed us on what is needed for Gay Pride Week-end (Saturday May 23rd and Sunday May 24th)
                          * Monitors: 2, preferably 3. (Mike Acree and Jeremy Linden have volunteered).
                          * Brian will post training session times on the lpsf-discuss and lpsf- activists list
                          * Volunteers are needed to man the booth for an hour or two at a time. Bryce Bigwood will put a sign-up sheet on the LPSF Website.
                          * Brian will post the locations of the booth and the meeting place, and the number of the Parade marching contingent on the lpsf-discuss and lpsf- activists lists as soon as they become available.
                          * If there are any Libertarian candidates running in the local elections, the booth should make their literature available.
                          * Jeremy Linden volunteered his car (orange & sparkly) for the parade. This would require an additional 4 monitors and a fee (the latter to be covered by Outright Libertarians). Brian has received expressions of interest from Libertarian Presidential candidates Kubby and Smith about participation in Gay Pride. If one or both of them were interested in riding in the car, having a car in the parade might be something to consider.
                          * Brian also talked about a promotion campaign for Libertarian Outreach
                       at Gay Pride. He is working on getting some radio time on KNGY 92.7 FM (the only locally owned FM station) which has the gay & lesbian
                             talk show with the greatest number of listeners in the country (500,000- 700,000 a week). The goal is to raise $10,000 to blanket the station on LP positions on marriage equality and other gay issues.
   Webhosting: We currently pay $44.85 a quarter to Webhosting Logic for hosting the LPSF website. GoDaddy offers the same service for $6.95 a month. Bryce Bigwood has offered to pay $6.95 for the first month and upload our website (without changing what www.lpsf.org points to) to them to see if there are any technical issues before a definitive change is made. A motion was made and carried unanimously that if Phil Berg and the web committee so decide the website will be transferred.
   Ron Getty has compiled a list of proposed books for the website so that when people purchase the book at Amazon through us we will get a donation. (We need to get an id from Amazon that identifies us). A motion was made and carried unanimously to the effect that anyone who has a book or product they would like listed should send the suggestion to lpsf-discuss. If someone disagrees they can respond to Bryce and he will not put it on the list until the proposal is discussed at the next LPSF meeting.
   There was no time to discuss the two new items that had been added to the agenda (ie. the mayoral race and the future structure of the LPSF) so discussion of those issues has been postponed until the next meeting.
  The meeting adjourned at 5 pm.

Francoise Fielding
820 Stanyan Street,#5
San Francisco, CA 94117

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