Minutes 10/11 & DAF


Again, I agree with you that perhaps a vote should have been taken regarding the decision on the Direct Action Forum. However, none was "required," and no one called for one. The decision as it stands in the minutes was quite clear to me. I said in my previous e-mai to you that if you or anyone convinced me that I misunderstood, and no decision was made, I would be happy to change the minutes. So far, I have only heard from you on this subject; and you have not convinced me.

You do have the alternative to request that this subject be placed on the next agenda, and then at the next meeting request that a vote be taken on how/if/when the DAF would be announced by the LPSF.



  Maybe I wasn't clear. I'm *not* saying a vote was required, or should (or should not) have been taken. I am merely saying that without one, there was no group decision at the meeting regarding Direct Action Forum, and the minutes should reflect the fact that no decision was made. If you are aware of a process other than that mentioned in my last message by which the group is empowered to make decisions without voting when there is obvious disagreement over an issue, please let me know. And in such a case, how would one know when a decision has been made? Of course the Executive Committee can also act on its own, but that is not what happened.

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