Mining Planet Earth and Populating Planet California

The article at by George
Reisman is indeed simplistic, but he's on the right track. The two
indispensable books for market-oriented environmentalism are "Ultimate
Resource 2" (1996) by the late great Julian Simon and "The Skeptical
Environmentalist" (2001) by Bjorn Lomborg. Chapter 1 of the latter is
online, as well as a detailed response from Lomborg to his critics:

The entire text of Ultimate Resource 2 is available in the Internet Archive:
Reading just the first four chapters will change your worldview forever.

The most comprehensive critique of Julian Simon and "cornucopianism" is
"Perilous Optimism" by Ernest Partridge: Partridge's arguments are
economically illiterate. I have a draft response to his article at

Brian Holtz
2006 California LP Platform Committee Rep
2004/6 Libertarian candidate for Congress, CA14 (Silicon Valley)>

Dear Brian;

Thanks for the extra info - while it may be we are not running out of oil overnight obviously some voluntary
conservation measures would not be out of line where people had a choice of enacting such based on their personal preferences and needs and wants not fortce fed by government edict.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian