Migration From Yahoo! Groups to a Self-Hosted Discourse

Hi LPers,

What’s happening?!

We’re moving away from Yahoo! Groups.

Yahoo! deleted all of our group data nearly a year ago. Miraculously, Andrew Kolstee of the LP Historical Preservation Committee archived a public view of our group content (about 30k messages), and @starchild also had an archive of his emails that helped fill in most of the missing info. Eventually, most of the archived messages are now cleaned up, threaded into topics, and associated with an account.

Why are we moving?

Yahoo! Groups is shutting down. Also, Yahoo! Groups was not ideal for chatting.

Where is the new mailing list?

We’re migrating to our own self-hosted Discourse! The forum and your preferences can be accessed at https://forum.lpsf.org.

:point_right: You can also start a new topic by emailing lpsf-discuss@forum.lpsf.org or lpsf-activists@forum.lpsf.org.

Why Discourse and not Slack / Element / Facebook / Groups.io?

Discourse can serve as a mailing list, maintaining all of the functionality of Yahoo! Groups. It also works great on apps and in a browser.

It’s open source and self-hosted. That means we can customize it, set any policies we want, and not deal with external censorship. It also has a very active developer community, so there’s a lot of info and a lot of features.


Please be a little patient. Discourse has a lot of features, and I might need to change the configuration for some of them. Also, if something isn’t working the way you want, please check your own settings.

If you simply want to use it as a mailing list, that’s great! But if you send your first email to the forum and it doesn’t get posted, we might have to fix something on your account.

If you aren’t allowed to do something because of a permission issue, please let me know. I promise that I’m not trying to rule the forum with an iron fist!

The Yahoo! data was very convoluted. If you find that your posts are attributed to two different accounts, or notice another problem with the data, please let me know!

How can I get access?

Most accounts were transferred over. Click “login,” click “I forgot my password,” and type in your email address to set your password. If that doesn’t work, that’s okay! Many people had multiple accounts or email addresses, and we just have to make sure the right one is active. Send me an email, possibly with some account names / email addresses you might have used on Yahoo! Groups.

How can I get fewer emails?

You can unsubscribe from the Discussion category or any other by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of an email.

You can also customize your email and notification delivery settings by logging into your account. You have a lot of control over your delivery options!

Feedback, questions, and concerns

If you think your issue might be of general interest, feel free to create a topic in the Site Feedback.

Otherwise, send me an email at jeff@yunes.us

Life & Liberty,

Jeff Yunes
Vice Chair, LPSF