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web cam of liberty oriented protest in DC ...


I wouldn't take Michelle Malkin's word about the weather. besides, it's obvious from the photo that the crowd was nowhere as big as its organisers claimed.

If you'd like to see a real video of a fake protest, check out:


Here you can see some of Murdoch's henchmen leading on one of their orchestrated rallies.


  The link you posted below doesn't seem to work.

  How many people do you think were at the 9/12 rally in D.C., and what is your source or basis for the estimate? I have even seen claims that it was the biggest rally ever in D.C.; not clear whether it didn't get more attention because that claim is way wrong, or because of media bias.

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Hi Eric,

Nice to hear from you again! I am confused; did you not like that folks protested in Washington? We had some Libertarians there! Correct me if I misunderstood you.



See if this link works:


  Some of the media pundits were claiming as high as 1.2 million attended.

Hi Marcy,

  There have been some libertarians in the protests; but I'm really afraid that they're being used by the corporate special interests who are actually behind them. I can't really believe that, after 8 years of Bush/Cheney, when anyone who was even a suspected threat could be 'pre-emptively raided' that these well-organised and well-promoted protests spontaneously arose from the grass roots within a few months of Bush leaving--- especially considering that some of Bush's most ardent supporters seem to be the ones leading the 'anti-government' charge.

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I think this whole health care issue could just be a "hey, look over there!" moment. We all know this is like World Wrestling Federation matches. Both sides fight tooth and nail in the public's eye but drink beer together after the show. I say this whole thing could be a way to bring the public's attention away from their government's unprecidented financial give-away to the rich at their expense in the history of politics.

Sorry to be so cynical

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A bi-partisan give-away I might add...

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Mike - I think it's even worse than that - a smoke screen that's actually an
integral part of the federal bailout.

Basically, since the feds have to spend ever increasing amounts of money to
offset the credit implosion, nationalizing healthcare is a relatively easy
way to go about it. I've heard that healthcare spending is around 20% of the
economy, so if they can grab control of that spending it essentially becomes
a way for them to launder all the new money created by the fed. (currently >

Of course the best way would be to start another war, but I don't think the
anyone's up for one of those right now. Maybe in 4-5 years they'll be ready
for that trick again.

Biden said it best in this quote -


of course it won't work in the end, but they are trying their Keynesian


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Amazing David...that it even made the news is incredible.

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Wow. Thank you Eric and Terry for waking folks like me up to the unfortunate proposition that media and special interests do have a hand in the Tea Parties. I am saddened by that, since I felt that now, with the intervention of the Republican numbers (relative to the insignificant number of Libertarians), economic conservativism might stand a chance. Obviously it does not.



  Don't feel too bad---the Conservative Noise Machine is so loud, that we all get 'bit' at one time or another. When I think of all the hours I volunteered in 1994 helping the GOP win Congress, I still turn crimson with shame!

I've believed for a long time that the real goal of the so-called 'conservatives' has nothing to do with stopping government-run healthcare. I think their ultimate plan is to have a government- subsidized system where the pharmaceutical cartels and insurance enterprises like AIG make up the 'approved' providers. Grover Norquist, a fake libertarian and one of the driving forces behind the protests, has been an advocate of just this sort of 'contracting out' for years.

Well said Eric and David. How long will we look down when people tell us there's a stain on our shirt as they poke us in the nose and laugh? As David said, this is a criminal enterprise. Best to just get out of the way and be careful.