Michael Denny for Mayor Fund-Raiser Sat. May 10th

March 14, 2003

Dear Supporters of Michael Denny for SF Mayor:

            If you are receiving this letter, then you probably know why
Michael Denny is the right candidate for San Francisco Mayor. What you
might not know, is how you can personally help Mike right here, right
now. On the afternoon of Saturday May 10, 2003 we will be hosting a
Silent and Live Auction Event to help raise campaign funds. The details
will be sent to you soon.

Auctions are fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of hands to really
pull off a successful event. Before, during, and after the auction
volunteers are needed. I hope that by the time you finish reading the
list below, you have identified some ways that you can lend a helping
hand. I look forward to working with each of you! Please call or
e-mail your contact information to me and include information on what
you'd like to help with.

Thank you.


Jackie Brennan,

Michael Denny for SF Mayor Auction Committee

(510) 614-8210


1. Before the auction:

Volunteers are needed for soliciting donations of services and goods:
This is definitely at the top of the list - the more the merrier.

Items that are especially popular are the things that money can't always
buy, here are just a few ideas to help you start brainstorming
items/services to solicit.
* A week or weekend get away in a vacation home in Tahoe or
* A Magnum of Wine - Bottle etched with "Mike Denny for Mayor" &
* Lunch with a celebrity
* Tickets to a SF cultural event, show, ballet or opera.
* Sports tickets to local football or baseball teams or other
national or
* International sporting events.
* A nice hotel or inn that might contribute a week-end's stay.
* VIP passes, a backstage tour or exclusive tickets
* Golf, tennis, shooting outing at a private club or lessons from
a pro.
* Skiing, horseback riding, etc
* A fine bottle or case of wine,
* A distinctive piece of art or hard to find sports memorabilia.
* Special skill such as cooking, flower arranging, accounting,
photography, interior
                         Design, computer skills...
* Surplus airplane tickets or frequent flier miles but not enough
time to
                         Use them personally

* Donations from merchants or restaurants with which you or a
friend have contacts.

I have included a donation form, this form is attached to the donation
so that we can list the item and credit to the donor properly in our
auction catalog.

Invite all your friends to attend the auction!

2. During the Auction - Volunteers are needed
               Silent Auction Setup
o Unpack Items
o Create Displays
o General Decorations
               Food/Beverage Prep and Distribution
               Check In

o Greet/Check In guests
o Distribute Catalogs/Bidding Numbers to incoming guests
              Table Monitors
o Actively watches bid cards and adds a replacement if one fills
o Answers questions about items
3. After the auction.
               Check Out
o Collect money/credit card info from patrons at end of auction
               Clean up

Michael Denny for Mayor - Auction Donation Sheet

[ ] Business or [ ] Private Donor

Business Name:

Additional information:





Zip code


( )


( )

Description of item(s) or service(s) being donated:

Unit retail Value:

Item is (Check all that apply):

Number of Units:

[ ] Physical Item

Total Retail Value:

[ ] Service

[ ] Gift Certificate

Item/certificate will:

[ ] This form to act as certificate

[ ] Be delivered to Michael Denny prior to April 25, 2003

[ ] Need to be picked up from the location listed in the additional
information box

[ ] Be this form - please create a visual certificate

Solicited by _____________________________Date