Member Communications

Your points are good, Justin. LPCA, as most organizations to which I
have belonged, has a plan of action which they will follow in their
attempt to retain and acquire members (and funds). Part of the LPC
plan is to send letters to likely responders (potential new members)
and to members about to lapse. Their first letter was the one similar
to the one we sent out.

As you say, we could use the Newsletters to attempt to renew current
members, and see whether placing Newsletters in counters, etc. will
garner new members.

I agree with you that a habit of sending out emergency letters sounds
a little dorky.


--- In, "Justin T. Sampson"
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Marcy wrote:

> I am wondering if anyone else believes that a plan/budget is in
> order, since we are on our own as far as acquiring and retaining
> members; i.e. raising funds for putting arguments on ballot
> booklets, etc. etc.

"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are
useless, but planning is indispensable." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

I'm not sure about the budget; I'm inclined to take account of the
basic costs and then see what ideas people have for additional

> By a plan I am thinking of very specific objectives, with
> specific time frames; and how much execution of those objectives
> might cost in time and money. And, of course, since we all have
> real jobs, do we have volunteers to carry out any plan at all.

I'm imagining that a significant chunk of retention will be
accomplished through regular newsletters, with stickers to
indicate upcoming renewal dates for individual members. And as
Starchild has demonstrated, extra copies of the newsletter left
around town get noticed. The current date on a newsletter shows
that we're actually active right now, better than a pamphlet.

It's hard to plan new projects without knowing what's been
effective in the past -- we should at least start keeping track of
where new members come from.

> I am specifically thinking of communications, like the letters
> LPCA will be sending out regularly on behalf of MARA members.

I hope at least that the kind of emergency letter we just sent out
doesn't become a habit. What other letters will the LPC be sending
out under MARA?

> Please let us know know if you have thought on this.

Always. :slight_smile:


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