Meltup video

Not to be shared with chinese folks or liberals without apology, but a pretty good propaganda style movie about the coming hyperinflation, who knows when and after how much deflation, but sooner or later it's coming unless a miracle happens in the hearts of lots of folks.

This is what I wrote the producers.

Regarding Melt up videoThis video is terrific except one tragic error that needs correction as it is both untrue and feeds our critics ammunition that we are heartless. It is the line that the Chinese guy works hard because there is no safety net and thus will starve. absolutely untrue. there are hundreds of millions diverse social nets in China, both family and community. I live in san Francisco and see the tightly woven family social safety net every day. the Chinese have developed these social habits after millenia of government tyranny and chaos. the largest mtivation is to be a help not a burden on community and family. Please ,please fix this. You also might want to lighten up on the China and walmart bashing as it takes attention away from the real villian in all this, the trinity of legal tender laws, fractional reserve banking and the Fed. walmart and the trade deficit are just the natural fallout from that.