Meetup scheduled for Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow

I added this event to the LPSF Meetup page -- , but wasn't sure about details, so I just gave the time and place as the Board of Supervisors chambers, room 250, at 2:00 p.m.

  Shall I add any further specifics about how or where to meet up with us there? Who all is going?

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There, you see! It's happening.

I plan to attend. The site rejected my info, so was unable to sign in as an attendee.

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael and All,

To RSVP you need to sign in with email and correct password, or sign up if you are not yet a member of the Meetup Group. It is always good for any event if a lot of folks say they are coming.


It was easy to do--I just signed in and RSVP'd. See you there!


What's happening, John? Who is supposed to see? I don't understand your comment.

  Anyway, I'm pleased to report that LPSF members Marcy Barry, Aubrey Freedman, and myself spoke in favor of Supervisor David Chiu's resolution against the National Defense Authorization Act's indefinite detention provisions during public comment at the Board of Supervisors meeting today, along with Winston Chin from the local Ron Paul community, and the Board unanimously passed the resolution.

  You can see the video here -- . Select the video for the Feb. 26 Board of Supervisors meeting, then in the interactive index of the meeting in the box on the lower left of the window that opens, scroll down to item 10, Public Comment to skip to the video for that portion of the meeting.

  I found the first public speaker mainly unintelligible, but following him there are some speakers who present some interesting allegations against the SF library and the Friends of the Library group. Note that the second speaker brought a video which streams directly to people watching on TV and online, as well as in the chambers, while he speaks. This is something I think we ought to look into doing when we give future public testimony at these meetings -- which I hope we will do again soon, as it is great exposure for the LPSF and libertarian ideas. Thanks to everyone who came out and testified!

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That was a great opportunity for LPSF to be heard. LPSF member Phil Berg also spoke.

Sorry that John did not join us.

Thanks for the link, Starchild!


My bad, sorry for forgetting you, Phil! Your comments segueing from your disability to the NDAA issue were very well said. I also neglected to mention that Michael Edelstein reportedly came to the Board meeting as well, but had to leave before being able to speak due to the length of time the Supervisors' other business took before they got to our issue.

  I also had a good phone conversation a few days ago with Ray Hartz of the SF Open Government Advocacy Coalition (copied on this message), who I met at the meeting (he spoke during public comment about the library's unaccountable practices). I invited him to come to one of our meetings and say a bit more about his efforts to make sure government officials are following sunshine requirements and that the people's rights are being upheld during public comment and meetings. While he is a Democrat, he seems to have some pretty strong libertarian leanings, and I let him know our door is open. :slight_smile:

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