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Cal. Sec. of State posted new registration tallies today. Libertarian registration in California increased by over 14,000 in just the last 45 days. We are now almost to 109,000, easily topping our historic best, which was some time ago and was about 94,600.

We probably now have enough registrations so that we would survive as a qualified party after the November 2014 election, although it's impossible to know. For more details and a link to the report see Right now it's the 2nd blog post down. Most parties in California slipped as a percentage, although Dems and AIP went up percentagewise also.

Richard Winger


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Hi Richard! Thanks for the update--and good news, for a change! Now, if Gary Johnson were to get to a strong vote total and some of the lousy propositions were to be voted down, that would make for even better news.