Meeting with Supervisor Ed Jew - Wednesday, April 11, 11am-noon

I've tentatively scheduled a meeting with Ed Jew at his office (City Hall Room 260) on Wednesday, April 11, from 11am-noon. This is not set in stone; if this seems like a worse time than others for people who'd like to come, I can ask for a different slot.

  But according to his aide, the times for people to see him in his office are basically Mondays and Wednesdays during business hours, so unless we wanted to ask him to come out and see us somewhere in the evening, the options are somewhat limited. I chose something around lunch time on the assumption that this would tend to work better than morning or afternoon for people who are on a 9-5 kind of schedule. The other open slots coming up that Barbara mentioned are either 11am-noon or 1-2pm on Monday, April 9, or 1-2pm on Wednesday, April 11.

Love & liberty,
        <<< starchild >>>

Good job Starchild...all these dates work for me.


Hey Starchild,

Cool... I'd like to come along. Please send another reminder closer to
the chosen date. 11-noon is probably better than 1-2 for me, but any
of those times could work.