Meeting with SF Examiner executive editor (Tuesday or Wednesday?)

Members of the LPSF are going to be meeting with the executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner (who I believe also edits the Independent in SF and the peninsula) to talk about election coverage (principally their running a daily election section for months under the heading "BUSH VS. KERRY"), give her a chance to meet and hear from us, and air any other questions or concerns people may have.

  I had scheduled the meeting with Vivienne Sosnowski for 530pm this coming Tuesday, however in light of preferences expressed at our meeting yesterday, I am going to try to reschedule it for earlier in the afternoon on Wednesday (possibly around 2-3pm). I will post an update when I hear back from her.

  If you are not in the LPSF and would like to attend the meeting, please let me know, and if there are not too many of us going you would be welcome. For those not attending, I am willing to pass along concerns about coverage. You may also let me know if you have other ideas for the meeting (all libertarian suggestions are welcome, however those requiring research will be much more welcome if you take the time to do the research yourself rather than expecting me or someone else to do it).

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>
  Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco