Meeting Tonight @ Excelsior library, 6:30pm

Hi all,

Please come out tonight for the 2020 vision meeting if there's any way you can. We're at a pivotal moment and need to be reset and re-energized as a party if we're going to succeed.

We have so much potential to make change, but it's not going to happen without inspired, committed activists and volunteers. We need a large crew to help steer the ship. Whatever role you might play in that, your presence tonight alone would be so helpful in focusing the party ensuring we succeed.

*Tonight at the Excelsior branch library meeting room, 4400 Mission St. -- details here:*

Clint Griess will be leading the session and does this professionally for his living. He is volunteering his services to help because he believes in the LP and wants to see us succeed. I do too. Please come out if you can.

See you tonight,