Meeting place report

I went and visited the room at CPMC/Davies hospital a couple days ago.
It did take a little bit of finding -- once you're at the right
building, you have to walk back and find the elevators, and then take
the elevator downstairs to level B. Rather than ask at the front desk,
I thought I'd see how difficult it was to find on my own. The ironic
thing I discovered after getting down there is that I'd gone right by
it on the way up the street, as the room actually has doors that open
right onto Duboce. Unfortunately they are alarmed and labeled as for
emergency use only. If we could enter and leave by those doors, it
would make the space more attractive.

But as it is, I have to say I'm not crazy about it. The room is rather
dreary, as I feared it might be. The thought of spending many hours
sitting in there makes me feel depressed. Giving directions how to get
to the room would also be a bit difficult. People might not want to
have to ask at the desk, and there might not always be someone around
or free to ask. When I left the building, there was no one in sight.
Admittedly it was evening at that time; it might be different during
the day on Saturday. The room does have a big screen for showing slides
or movies or what-not, so assuming we could use that, it's a good
resource to keep in mind if we have a need for something of the sort.
But for our regular meetings I think I would rather meet at Mark
Johnson's place, even though it's a lot farther from where I live. Of
course Mark's would also have the drawback of food not being directly
available, unless we ordered it. Perhaps this other restaurant near
Cybelle's that Steve (?) recommended will look more promising.

Yours in liberty,
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