Meeting between Patrol Specials and the left

I've confirmed with mesha and Patrol Specials president Alan Byard to
hold a meeting at 2pm this coming Wednesday (a week from tomorrow)
between representatives of the Patrol Specials and civil liberties
advocates on the left. I'll be facilitating and trying to help the two
groups find common ground.

  Please let me know if you have suggestions of people you think would
be good to be there -- however I'm trying to set this up to help the
Patrol Specials garner the support from the left they need to keep
from getting shut down, while trying to keep the meeting a manageable
size (I suggested 4-6 folks from each group), so I wouldn't want more
than probably one other person from the LPSF at most. Ideal
participants would be "progressives" who are strong on civil liberties
and who can potentially mobilize constituencies, but not so much a
part of the political establishment as to be at risk of selling out
the Patrol Specials interests vis-a-vis the SFPD for political gain.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Sounds great, Starchild. Thank you for organizing all this. I hope someone from the LPSF (more progressive and left leaning than I!) will attend.


Where is it?