MCLR 2016 [marijuana legalization measure] open for public input for 2 more days!


  I appreciate your soliciting public input, but when I went to check out the website to which you've provided a link below and weigh in, what I found there was very confusing.

  The page mentions Version 3, Version 4, and Version 5, but doesn't say which one is the "real" or latest measure. One might logically guess Version 5, but it says all three versions will be released Wednesday, and that you plan to file all three. Surely you don't mean that you plan to try to qualify three different versions of the same measure for the ballot? But if you don't mean that, what do you mean?

  Scrolling down on that page, one finds a title and summary that aren't for any of these three versions, but rather for Version 2. Below that is a link that says "Click here read the Full Text of MCLR", but doesn't say which version it is.

  Will the real MCLR please stand up? :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

P.S. - Does anyone know of a site that compares and contrasts the current provisions of ALL the various legalization measures on the table, CCHI, ReformCA, Compassionate & Sensible Access Act, MCLR, etc.?

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