Mayoral candidate & campaign manager invited to next LPSF meeting / other mayoral/D.A. candidates

I got a call a couple days ago from Stefanos, the campaign manager for Mike Powers, one of the candidates who is running for mayor. Mike owns the sex club the Power Exchange and is a casual acquaintance, but this is the first I'd heard of his running or involvement in politics. He specifically asked Stefanos to call me to see "what I was doing" for the mayor's race and find out if I wanted to be involved, so I think he's open to listening to my (our) ideas. Mike is (believe it or not) a Republican, but from the little I've talked with him in the past about politics, I gather he has at least somewhat libertarian leanings.

  I asked Stefanos why Mike decided to run, and he said Mike was tired of "silver spoon" politicians, giving me the impression he plans to run a populist, somewhat anti-Newsom campaign. Stefanos said they haven't really put together a platform yet, which is one reason I decided it would be a good idea to invite them to come and spend some time with us this month and took the liberty of doing so even though we'll be having our usual candidates' forum later in the season. By engaging him at this stage, I think we have an opportunity to influence which positions he takes. I plan to also use the opportunity to ask him to put up our poster at the Power Exchange, which certainly has plenty of wall space. I think it's not inconceivable that we might even be able to get him to switch parties, or at the least to run as an independent rather than a Republican.

  Speaking of mayoral candidates, I have also been alerted to the fact that Chicken John is running. Chicken is, to put it mildly, a character. His candidacy will almost certainly shake up the race in unpredictable ways, and as a Burning Man mainstay (featured in Brian Doherty's book), attract much countercultural support. I have little idea what his politics are, and a statement he's put out (see ) doesn't offer many clues, but at least he's not the kind of guy who has a lot of use for rules and regulations, and he seems rather likely to treat politics as somewhat of a joke, which in fact it is. 8)

  Does anyone have a current list of candidates for mayor, by the way? Any news of any candidates for district attorney?

Love & Liberty,
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Hi Starchild,

My list of candidates is dated 07/20/07, and lists 30 people running
for Mayor, including Eric Dupree and Josh Wolf; as well as old
standbys, Cesar Ascarrunz, Tony Hall, Harold Hoogasian, Joel
Ventresca. I do not see on this list anyone but Kamala Harris running
for DA.

I also have a list of Proposed Initiatives, but dated a little old,

Deferred Retirement Option Program
Alcatraz Conversion Program
Parking for Neighborhoods
Citizens for Recall of Jake McGoldrick