Matt Drake for Supervisor

I'm all for Matt coming and speaking too, but I'm frustrated that we
don't have a functional process for hearing from candidates and ballot
measure proponents/opponents generally.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Well, so implement a successful one, where both candidates and audience show up!!


The key, I found, to making it “successful” was not worrying about the
audience. I invited candidates to meet with “the LPSF Candidate
Recommendation Committee.” This meant that they didn’t expect an
audience. I then turned around and invited the entire membership — and
the five or six who showed up were the committee. And everyone, mostly,
was happy.

[BTW, since I’m writing anyway: LPNH has a matching fundraising offer
right now for its candidates support drive. Just 4% gets us ballot
access for the next cycle, and Brendan Kelly actually has a plausible
chance of getting to the state house as the first-ever non-fusion
Libertarian in NH. <URL: >]