Marshall Fritz

Dear Friend of Liberty,

You probably know Marshall Fritz -- the highly esteemed founder of the
Advocates for Self-Government. You may not have heard about his serious health

I am sad to report that Marshall has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic
cancer. Doctors give him 6-20 months to live, with a 50:50 chance of living one

Marshall is feeling quite well right now -- and he's in excellent spirits! He
wants the opportunity to be with his Advocates friends. So we've put together
an awesome event: "A Celebration of the Life of Marshall Fritz," to be held at
the Atlanta Airport Hilton, Saturday, May 3, 2008.

Details here:

This event will allow Marshall to spend time with you, and will give you the chance
to share time with him. He will deliver his "last lecture," a speech he has
entitled, "Good-bye, I Love You, Thanks for Loving Me." Several of his friends
will deliver short reminiscences of Marshall - sharing stories "from the
profane to the profound."

There will be an open mike from which audience members will be able to share
their favorite "Marshallisms," stories, and well-wishes.

Knowing Marshall (and his friends!), there will be lots of laughs, insights,
and inspiration.

We hope you can join our celebration and tribute to Marshall Fritz -- the man,
the mentor, the mountain, the myth.

There will be a complimentary dessert reception followed by the Celebration.
NOTE: There is NO CHARGE for the reception and Celebration, but seats are
limited, so we must require reservations.

Prior to the reception, there will be an intimate dinner with Marshall for a
limited number of guests. Marshall has offered the proceeds from this $250-per-
plate dinner as a benefit to The Advocates.

Please make your plans today to join Marshall for these very special events.

Register for the complimentary dessert reception and Celebration:

Purchase tickets for the intimate dinner with Marshall:

I look forward to seeing you there!

            Best wishes,

            Sharon Harris
            Advocates President

P.S. If you can't join us in Atlanta (or even if you can!) the Alliance for the
Separation of School and State will also hold a tribute event, June 21st, in
Los Angeles. For more information:

There will also be a picnic and barbecue in Fresno, June 7 or 8. For more
information about that event, please call 559-499-1776.

Find out more about Marshall:

Read Marshall's thoughts about his illness, read his "Bucket List," and more,
at his new Web site:

Send a message to Marshall by posting it on his Guest Book:

For more information, call the Advocates toll-free at 800-932-1776.

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And please forward this message to all your libertarian friends. Thank you!