Marriage equality march report

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I joined the march today in support of Massachusetts's same-sex marriages.

I carried a hand-lettered sign; one side said:


The other side said:

trying to stop this day (Boston Globe, 26 Feb.)
trying to stop it here (SF Chronicle, 20 Feb.)
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since 1971

Thanks to Rob Power for brainstorming and media citations.

One interesting thing is that this was the only hand-made sign at the
rally; there were lots of pre-printed signs specifically for today's rally,
but little individuality and diversity. (-: That meant that a lot of
cameras came to my sign. I didn't get any negative vibes over it, which
was good.

There were speakers to kick things off at Powell & Market, and the mostly
stayed on message. There was one fellow who talked about the need for free
housing and free health care, because if we can have gay marriage we can
have that! Fortunately, there was also a high school economics class
selling T-shirts to raise money for Freedom To Marry. I bought a shirt and
praised them for putting the market to work. I also suggested that perhaps
they could have a chat with Free Lunch Man and explain a few basic economic

I had a nice conversation with Terry Baum, the Green would-be candidate for
Congress; her access case is important to all alternative parties, and I
offered whatever help we could provide.

I also had an interesting conversation with a Democratic activist, who
expressed his displeasure with Kerry and Boxer's continued waffling on the

Then we walked down Market; I was joined by a Libertarian from Greensboro,
NC, who happened to be touristing downtown this evening.

Then there was more speeching at City Hall, including an exorcism of GW
Bush by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and with the closing bit given
by comedienne Margaret Cho, which was fun. Again, I saw quite a few
cameras pointed at my sign.

There was a party at The Center, which I attended briefly. I made contact
with the ACLU fellow who spoke at the rally, and traded contact info; he's
had some very pleasant interaction with Lawrence Samuels, our Northern
California state Vice-Chair, and so was pleased to have local activists
available as well.

I wish there could have been more of us there, but I realize that we
(unlike many leftists) have real jobs. Still, I think that today was a
very positive outreach opportunity.

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Thanks so much for going to the march and rally and putting a face to our
(Outright's and the LP's) name. I wish I'd thought to put in a vacation
request a month ago, so I could attend today's events, but I was more intent
on getting time off approved for the LPUS convention in Atlanta.

What we really need is to recruit some gay LGBT and straight ally college
kids and retirees who can always attend workday stuff like this. :wink: