Marketing Strategy

Mike Acree's point that those of us that come from a conservative
Republican perspective in our past lives are looking for more
Republicanism is well taken. But, heck!, I personally am just
looking for our candidates to have more that .0001% of the vote in
elections; so that voters will start taking us seriously, listening
to us more closely, and coming to the conclusion that our messages
(both economic and social) do make sense. So far, we are like "one
hand clapping" -- no one hears us.


Me too, but I think that's a function of our message. Currently we are:
1. focusing on one side of our message
2. targeting the conservative minority that is already set in their ways

Of these, which do folks here think would be easier?:
1. convincing a liberal to agree with libertarian economic policy
2. convincing a conservative to agree with libertarian social policy

I've managed to convince some of my liberal friends to move towards libertarian economic ideas, but I've yet to convince any conservatives on issues like gay rights, abortion rights, separation of church and state, etc. Moral issues seems to be impervious to reason.

-- Steve