marin LP webpage

Meet Dave, he has the keys to the Marin LP webpage.

Dave, meet Charlie, he is the staff writer, communication and research coordinator for the Seasteading institute.

There is a political coalition forming to save the Oyster Farm. The Seasteading Institute and the Theil Foundation have taken a stand with the Oyster Farm, to promote sustainable ocean resources and private enterprise. There will be a booth at the New Living Expo, in San Francisco.

There was a great shin-dig at Lagunitas Brewery for the Oyster Farm. John Bechtol and Clayton Smith were there. The Lunny family was there, with Scientists, environmental lawyers, restaurants, musicians, businesses, and a packed crowd, all supporting sustainable agriculture and private enterprise.

Another coalition is forming for a tax-day outreach, with Marcy and Aubrey at the helm. John B. is speaking with Campaign for Liberty in DC to determine their level of support.

Ron Paul supporters formed Golden Gate Liberty R3volution, two weeks ago. Dan the Man is the new chairman, with a slate of new officers and a committee.

The Campaign for Liberty met with LPSF and the Western Association last week.

Talks have begun among the leaders of liberty-leaning groups in 6 of the the 9 Bay Area counties.

John Howard is pioneering a "natural rights" training curriculum within the Sonoma County Republican Party.

Terrapin Crossroads is enthusiastic about a weekly liberty-party. Party games are in development, maybe liberty trivia to start with.

Starchild is looking for a new venue for a regular liberty-party in SF.

BF Goodrich Tire store, on Kearney, is "fighting the good fight" on their billboard.

Opinions and other news is welcomed.



Terrific compilation of your accomplishment in linking all these together!

You need a website as a central informational and organizing hub.

Warm regards, Michael

Michael. Thanks,
A news service network will be the information hub. I've been working on the idea in some SIG's with some interest, but I hope Justin Raimondo will do it in conjunction with

The revived Center for Libertarian Studies or a Pacific Von Mises Center will be the organizational hub with the Western Association.

Do you want to handle the Lew Rockwell aspect with the Oyster Farm?