Marcy on CBS

Hi All! Kudos to Marcy for making the news and getting the L word mentioned! Please watch and enjoy. Thanks to Marcy for taking the time to give our perspective on the safety net. I think the reporter's words at the end of the piece showed a reasonable partiality and helped to temper the image of us as "cold-hearted Libertarians." At least Marcy's horns weren't showing!

Thanks Marcy!

Hi Marcy,

Great job!

I love your message: "Government programs cause more harm than good!" The big picture, simple and direct.

Warmly, Michael

Dear Sam and All,

Yes, although I was born in Brazil, I came to the U.S.from Argentina, during the period when things got really ugly as a result of the first Anti-Peronistas Revolution.

The study the news piece mentions is a perfect example of liberal pseudo science, and worth reading. As expected, the Obama administration has seized on the study as "proof" the current income distribution policies "work".

I have a short article on the LPSF website describing the study and the Libertarian take on it. The article is on the "State and National" section of This study is the kind of garbage activists should try to catch and counter.