Marcy I remember your vocation ideas...

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Dear Eric,

So there you are! Heck, don't stop with barbers. One of my most
talented relatives is a car mechanic who built his own race car from
scratch, and is the proud graduate of a 2-year vocational school. The
list of people who are raking in the money without ever setting foot
in college is endless: real estate appraisers (my best friend is
one), paralegals (I work with some in my business), licensed tax
preparers (I am one, and sure did not need my MBA to become one). The
list is endless. My guess would be that any candidate for office who
makes it clear that these hard working, talented people are as worthy
as any MBA (and can make as much money, depending on their talents)
will get a lot of votes.



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Vocations are equal to other forms of education!I tell Tony the


story alot. Recently met a guy name Vicente. He's an architect that's
been getting his hair cut there for years. He feels Tony is one of


most respected members of the community.I want him in my admin so