Marcy Goofing Off Again

Hi All. I check our website at least twice a week to see what Marcy is up to, and I noticed tonight that she has written her 4th article in the last 10 days. Amazing! I also happened to look at the SF Green Party website tonight, and the most recent article they had posted was some moldy recommendations from the November election. Pitiful--and they're bigger than us. Thanks to Marcy for really keeping the website current and interesting.



Thanks for visiting the website Aubrey. The more visits, the higher the ranking of our articles and our message! Regarding the sudden proliferation of articles, there is method to this madness. Note the subject of housing inserted in them. One way to let the general public know we at LPSF are not ignoring the S.F. housing challenge, and also good lead up to LPSF's Tax Day -- the subject of which is housing.