March LPSF Minutes

Written by Denny Bailey
Monday, March 18, 2013
Minutes of the LPSF Meeting of March 9th, 2013
Members Present: Aubrey Freedman (Chair), Marcy Berry (Vice Chair), Denny Bailey (Secretary), Michael Edelstein, Jawj Greenwald, Starchild (late arrival) and Eric John Diesel (Joined at Meeting).
Visitors: Matt Murphy, Jeff Burrell and Benson Cooper.
Guest: Clint Griess
We began the meeting with an introduction of our guest Clint Griess and his issue of getting fluoride out of municipal water supplies. He gave us a brief history and overview of how fluoride additives began. Then we met Jeff Burrell who was introduced to our group at the last general election and would like to learn more about us. Aubrey, Marcy, Michael and Denny gave brief introductions. Returning to Clint for some discussion of topically applied fluoride, including dentist avoidance of the subject. Next returning visitor Benson Cooper introduced himself. We then heard introductions from Eric John Diesel and his cause of protecting the liberty and wealth of the elderly, from predatory legal processes. Lastly we meet returning visitor Matt Murphy.
Activist Report:
Benson is trying to determine what the most important issues are to apply his energies. Clint is organizing a march and presentation to remove fluoride from drinking water. Matt has been actively involved in local debates at the Commonwealth Club spreading the message of liberty. The group is called SFDebate. Visitor Jeff attended Rand Paul's filibuster and has been enlightening the public on its meaning. Denny had been exchanging emails with Nadia Kayyali at concerning the SF NDAA resolution and the LPSF's involvement. Starchild is attending the national LP meeting as a representative coming up in Chicago. Next we heard from Michael who attended the City Council NDAA meeting and has been published on Rand Paul's Facebook page. Also he joined the Mises Institute. Marcy attended her local city District 7 open house with Norman Yee. She encouraged everyone to attend their local district and speak about Plan Bay Area. She is also donating her button making facilities to the party. Eric John Diesel is trying to design homes and homeowner services that can avoid government permits. Lastly our Chair, Aubrey who also attended the City Council meeting on the NDAA resolution and was able to speak on our behalf. The resolution passed unanimously.
Clint's group has its march on Union Square planned for March 22nd 2013 at 3pm and the symposium follows at 4pm.
Starchild reminds us of the State Libertarian Party Convention in Sacramento on April 5th and 6th. Information at He took some time to tell us about his experience with the San Francisco Fire Credit Union and his floor motion against government regulations and snooping.
Treasurer's Report:
Aubrey reported that the LPSF has $3,229.26
Website Update:
Our Vice-Chair Marcy reported that the new website is live using Joomla 2.0 and wants to add Paypal or some other digital payment systems for membership and donations. She has requested volunteers. Phil suggests we should accept Bitcoin as well. He has his account at Coinbase. Some debate ensues and its agreed that we should be open to accepting payment any way possible. Marcy will research and report back.
Nullification of NDAA update:
Aubrey reports that the resolution passed and that he was able to socialize with other groups who were supporting this motion and with Starchild is trying to gather support for taking this to the state level.
Pride Booth:
Aubrey has reserved the booth and paid the fees. He reminds everyone to have the date available June 29th and 30th available to volunteer.
Tax Day Event:
Aubrey opens discussion for the proposed tax day event. This is a continuation of the Tea Party's annual event. In addition to the Tax Day Table event, a march to the Federal Building will follow and literature distribution at the main post office up until midnight. Carol Robinson of is also advertising for our event. Starchild highlights the controversies that came to light on our email groups. He has proposed that paying a fee to exercise our First Amendment rights is not necessary. The other is the proposed location of Civic Center plaza. Marcy reminds everyone that this was a successful Tea Party event and we would like to follow their format. Some discussion follows and several ideas are proposed including not aligning with Tea Partier, having the event at a Bart station, in front of H&R Block. Marcy motions to move forward with the existing plan with Eric seconding. Starchild moves to split the question but finds no support and Phil calls the question. Majority vote for Marcy's original motion and Starchild asks for clarification of the issue. Vice-Chair Marcy, clarifies that we are having the Tax Day Event in the same format as the previous Tea Party event, on April 15th at Civic Center Plaza. Phil again calls the question, and the measure passed 5-1.
Get The Fluoride Out:
Lastly we gave the floor to visitor Clint Griess to talk about his movement to get the fluoride out. He spoke for some time about his cause and distributed cards. Starchild began discussion of having LPSF sponsor the event and getting LP leadership positions in Clint's group. Eric John Diesel dissents and the matter was tabled for future review. Details about his event and organization can be found at
Meeting was closed with a lesson for Clint, by Phil, Aubrey and Starchild on the Libertarian's foremost principle of non-aggression, as stated on our membership forms "I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."

Great work, Denny! Thank you for providing a detailed account of our meeting. I've always felt that minutes should be comprehensive enough to give someone who didn't attend a meeting a good sense of what transpired, and wish that every secretary provided as full an accounting as you do here.

  One minor thing I might suggest changing is the sentence "This is a continuation of the Tea Party's annual event." The Libertarian Party, both locally and in other communities around the U.S., has been engaging in anti-tax protests on April 15th long before the Tea Party movement existed.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Thank you, Denny. Great minutes again. I admit that at the LPSF meeting we almost made it sound as if the LPSF was just appropriating a Tea Party event. It was not our intention to make it sound that way. LPSF has had a Tax Day event since the beginning of time. In the name of the LPSF more longer time members, I apologize.


Hi Denny and All,

I have posted Denny's minutes on the LPSF website, sans the Tea Party reference. Denny, I have also changed "City Council", as was probably the case in your recent home town, to Board of Supervisors, our own fearless leaders.

Interestingly, the minutes do get hits on the website! With Denny's amazing minutes, the traffic is bound to flourish.


Hi Denny! Yes, excellent minutes again, and I must say I'm totally enjoying reading someone else's minutes this year and not having to deal with them each month. You are a G_dsend, as far as I'm concerned!

Thanks for all the details too!