March 5 San Francisco Ballot Measures

Hello everyone,

The March 5 ballot will have 7 ballot measures. You can read about them at
the link below.

We can discuss these at the meeting today and hopefully vote Y/N/A on them.

I recommend:
Measure A - Affordable Housing Bond - No (lending the gov money is bad move)
Measure B - Police Staffing - No (higher taxes)
Measure C - Real Estate Transfer Tax Exemption - Y or A (tax exemptions are
good, but “without voter approval” is concerning)
Measure D - Changes to Local Ethics Laws - undecided
Measure E - Police Policies and Procedures- No (allows surveillance cameras
and drones and facial recognition software; Big Brother 1984)
Measure F - Drug Screening for Welfare Recipients - No (personal autonomy)
Measure G - Mandate Algebra I in 8th Grade - No (separation of education
and state)


In Liberty,
Richard Fast