[MANHATTANLIBERTARIANS] Sloan vs Board Order to Show Cause Signed by Judge Sherman at about 7:00 PM last night

Gary Popkin, famous creator of the Popkin Petition, (Yes, indeed, This
indeed is the creator of The Popkin Petition, the great man himself, known
to all election petitioners in our Great State of New York, who has now
ratted me out to the Attorney General's Office by saying "Good heavens!
These petition forms lack the column for "County" in NYC. It's obvious from
the addresses of the signatories that the County is Bronx, but to draw up a
form like this without the rightmost column just invites litigation that is
totally avoidable."

However, Mr. Popkin, who resides in Brooklyn which is in King's County, may
not be familiar with the Bronx, where the name of the county and the
borough are the same so it is probably not necessary to have a separate
column for the county.

But I do not know. I am not the creator of this petition. I did not
circulate this petition. I did not collect the signatures. I did not submit
the petition to the Board of Elections. I am merely a candidate who was
recruited to fill up one of the available slots. I do not even know what a
judicial delegate is or what I will be expected to do if I am elected.
Would some body please tell me?

Sam Sloan

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