[ManhattanLibertarians] Sam Sloan's mistaken belief regarding LPNY influence on the LNC

It would be nice if your statement were true but unfortunately your
statement is utterly false.


"When you don't get the nomination of the LP, are you going to submit
fraudulent petitions to the BOE whiting out the name of the actual nominee
and inserting your own like you did in 2010?

"If so, I will make certain every state chair and every member of the LNC
is aware of your activities in 2010.

"Are you planning to sue me again?


None of the above is true. I did not white out the name of the actual
nominee and insert my name, nor did anybody else do that. Where did you get
that crazy idea?

On the exact same day that you posted this, the National Libertarian Party
removed my name from the list of candidates. All of the other names were
reinstated within a day or two. Are you claiming that it is just a
coincidence that you made this libelous statement and my name was removed
from the lp.org website on the same day?

Now, while you are claiming that you are trying to grow the membership, the
two most active party members remain expelled and you order to
"investigate" the Chairman of the Queens Libertarian Party has not been
rescinded, as far as I am aware.

How do you explain this?

Sam Sloan