[ManhattanLibertarians] Re: [lpsf-discuss] Re: Letter to the LNC - Presidential candidate listings on LP.org

This is absolutely not true and I wonder why Gary Popkin makes such

Regarding the first time in Queens: In 2002, I was nominated to run for US
Congress in an election district that exists entirely in Queens. Brad
Artur, Chairman of the Queens Libertarian Party, nominated me and the vote
was unanimous.

This was one of the early wars between the Queens Libertarian Party and the
New York Libertarian Party even before Tom Stevens appeared on the scene.
Petitions were circulated and submitted to the NYC Board of Elections.

When Jim Lesczynski found out about this he got Alfred Dedicke who had been
made party chairman to sign objections that Jim Lesczynski filed with the
New York Board of Elections. (Jim Lesczynski denied doing this but it was
obvious that he did it.) I was kicked off the ballot.

A lot of objections were made about Alfred Dedicke doing this. A State
Committee meeting was scheduled at Jim Harris'es house in Long Island.
Alfred Dedicke was supposed to appear and explain his actions. Not only did
he fail to appear but he could not even be reached by speaker phone. Alfred
Dedicke resigned a few days later and has not been seen nor heard from
since as far as the Libertarian Party is concerned. Brad Artur also left
the party.

I am wondering why Gary Popkin says that I nominated myself since this is
obviously not what happened.

I also wonder why Gary Popkin is part of the group led by Blay Tarnoff and
Gary Danoyan that keeps trying to expel or disenfranchise the Queens
Libertarian Party. What is their purpose? Why to they keep trying to do
this? Why did Gary Popkin vote "to investigate" the Chairman of the Queens
Libertarian Party?

Regarding the 2010 meeting, why are there still to this day no answers to
the questions why was an anti-Libertarian who was nothing more than an
internet scammer with a huge number of phishing websites impersonating
others and who refused even to pay the $35 dues to join the party because
he wanted to be a candidate to make, to not spend, money, allowed to enter
the meeting room? Why was Roberts Rules of Order not followed? Why are
there to this day no minutes of that meeting? Who were those previously
unknown persons who somehow got into the meeting room and were allowed to
throw a handful of votes into the hat was passed around?

I offered to write a check for $5,000 on the spot to be the Libertarian
Party candidate for Governor and, by the way, I had the money in the bank
who just wanted to be a candidate to scam more money from innocent victims.

In summary, why do you refuse to answer or even to address any of these

The Real Sam Sloan