mandatory convention floor fee (registration fee) proposed for the 2014 LP convention


  Thank you very much for this well-documented message objecting to the scheme to make Libertarian Party members pay a floor fee (aka poll tax) if they want to be able to exercise their franchise to vote at our conventions.

  For those who haven't weighed in on this issue, or haven't done so recently, I encourage you to write to members of the Libertarian National Committee soon, because we may vote on the issue at our meeting this weekend, and some LNC members (Mark Hinkle, Sam Goldstein) are openly advocating for such a fee, while others may be silently planning to support it. Arvin Vohra and Paulie Frankel have spoken out against floor fees -- please let them know you appreciate their opposition.

  Let's not allow the Libertarian Party to move in the direction of becoming a pay-to-play organization like the Republicans and Democrats, run on a top-down basis by a small group of insiders! Here are the names and email addresses of your LNC representatives and alternates:

Geoff Neale <chair@...>,
Lee Wrights <>,
Tim Hagan <treasurer@...>,
David Blau <secretary@...>,
Michael Cloud <>,
Bill Redpath <william.redpath@...>,
Starchild <starchild@...>,
Arvin Vohra <arvin.vohra@...>,
Mark Hinkle <mark.hinkle@...>,
Norm Olsen <Norman.Olsen@...>,
Tony Ryan <tony.ryan@...>,
Vicki Kirkland <Vicki.Kirkland@...>,
Doug Craig <Doug.Craig@...>,
Sam Goldstein <Sam.Goldstein@...>,
Dan Wiener <Daniel.Wiener@...>,
Scott Lieberman <Scott.Lieberman@...>,
Brett Pojunis <Brett.Pojunis@...>,
Audrey Capozzi <Audrey.Capozzi@...>,
Rich Tomasso <rich.tomasso@...>,
James Lark <James.Lark@...>,
Scott Spencer <Scott.Spencer@...>,
Dianna Visek <Dianna.Visek@...>,
Michael Knebel <michael.knebel@...>,
Gary Johnson <gary.johnson@...>,
Paulie Frankel <paulie.frankel@...>

  I would be interested in seeing any substantive responses that any of my colleagues may send, if you care to share them. And please feel free to call or write me any time with any other feedback, ideas, concerns, complaints, or questions you may have about national Libertarian Party matters.

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
                                 (415) 625-FREE