Make America (and the world) Free

Hi Alton,

  You aren't flying to Reno just for a Trump rally, I hope? Sounds like a big waste of time/money for someone of a libertarian persuasion.

  What makes, or would make, America "great" is controversial and highly subjective, but each of us, as an individual, can decide what would make ourselves great. So how do we allow individuals the freedom to become great in America? By making America free.

  Here is what a 2020 "Make America Free" hat looks like:

  We had a nice rally in Oakland for Libertarian VP candidate Spike Cohen's recent visit at which I spoke along with fellow candidates James Just, Nicholas Wildstar, host/organizer Terry Floyd, and of course Spike. Also a luncheon in Castro Valley that raised $5500 for the campaign. Here are a few photos...

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

You know you have a credibility problem when you say things like...

“Just because you’re in public relations doesn’t mean you’re a liar.”
– Tom Honig, Armanasco Public Relations (quoted in the SF Bay Guardian, 12/26/07, p. 15)

"I say these things, but I really mean them!"
– Donald Trump