Major stories on me and prostitution petition in current Bay Area Reporter!

Matthew Bajko got a few minor facts wrong in his article just published in one of SF's two major GLBTQ weeklies, and they printed a few things I would have just as soon not had printed, like my lack of confidence about the outcome of my trial (which I shouldn't have mentioned to him on the record), and a badly worded comment about sex rights. But it's not a big deal. Overall I think it's a good piece that will create sympathy and help my campaign. It's also nice that he didn't ignore the libertarian stuff as reporters often seem to do. Getting the same long profile treatment as the other two candidates, who are generally viewed as the main contenders in the race, is a big plus. It helps make up for the screwed-up story the same B.A.R. reporter wrote two weeks ago where he essentially said the race was between my opponents and barely mentioned that I'm running. This article ends on just the right note, with me talking about the idea that people can vote for me in ranked choice voting and have their votes count for determining a winner, and that I could play an important role in the race:

  Of course this does mean that the story of my arrest is really out there now for the world to see. It's a risk, but at this point I think I feel safer having a higher profile than trying to keep a low profile. Speaking out as publicly as possible also feels like the right thing to do -- people need to know how the authorities are wasting resources persecuting sex workers. It will be very interesting to see how the voting public responds to all this. I hope it doesn't scare away clients, or attract the wrong kind!

  The B.A.R. also published a separate story on the petition we are circulating to de-prioritize enforcement of prostitution laws, in which I am briefly quoted as well:

    Pretty cool to get publicity in two different stories for both me and the petition! I really wish that the sex worker activist community would get united behind this strong push for decriminalization and stop worrying about some groups losing a few dollars from the government gravy train when that isn't even a likely outcome, but I guess you can't have everything.

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Congratulations, Starchild. A particularly nice point about filming.