Major new lawsuit just filed against California laws criminalizing prostitution!

The Erotic Service Providers Legal, Education & Research Project has filed a lawsuit against California attorney general Kamala Harris and several local district attorneys in the state, seeking to have laws criminalizing prostitution tossed out on grounds of privacy violation.

  Prostitution has been legal during most of California's history, and was only criminalized in 1961. This 1950s era ban, like the "War on Drugs" that lingers from a previous era of greater intolerance, is cruel, ineffective, and outdated. A total waste of taxpayer money and affront to basic human rights.

  We have already raised $30,000 for this suit, and have just begun a new round of fundraising to raise an additional $30,000 to pay for what may be a marathon slog through the courts. I've contributed to this important effort, and encourage you to likewise give what you can:

  Former San Francisco Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond has a good piece describing the legal effort in more detail here:

  There is an active discussion in the comments section there as well, where you can weigh in to support freedom.

Love & Liberty,
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Outreach Director, Libertarian Party of San Francisco
                 Erotic Service Providers Union