Major Cannabis Protest TOMORROW (Thurs. July 10, San Jose City Hall, noon-7pm)

Many of you may have heard that cannabis dispensaries in San Jose are under assault and threat of closure by the city council. There is a big protest happening tomorrow against this affront to civil liberties:

SAN JOSE, CA-(Jul 8, 2014) – More than 70 San Jose cannabis collectives have banded together and organized a protest against the city’s plans to begin shutting them down on July 18th. A full media advisory is below. The protest will take place in front of San Jose City Hall from 12:00pm-7:10pm this Thursday, July 10th. The first 1,000 San Jose residents to attend will be given a voucher for a free medical cannabis evaluation, and if they qualify as a medical cannabis patient, they can get a free “cannabis card.” All patients, collective employees and community supporters are invited to attend the protest and to sign a petition for a referendum that would stop the city from closing collectives.

Time is quickly running out for cannabis clubs in San Jose. Many are small businesses who have worked hard to establish what they have. Combined they employ well over 1,000 people in San Jose. However, in less than 10 days, these employers that provide vital services for hundreds of local patients will be shut down. Their staffs will be unemployed and the legal business they would have received will be shifted back to illegal drug dealers as desperate patients in need have little other recourse to get their medicine.

Dozens of collectives are working together to try to stop the shutdown, but need all the help they can get. They are reaching out to their San Jose members and having them, their families and friends sign the referendum. If the referendum does not succeed, many seriously ill medical cannabis patients who are unable to travel great distances will have no access to their medicine...

  Read more at the Silicon Valley Cannabis Coalition's website -- . If you are able/willing to drive down to San Jose for this, please let me know, I would be interested in getting a ride.

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