M1: Move LPSF Meeting Date From June 13 to June 14, Same Time


Of course you’re within your rights to make a motion, and since we only have three officers now, and have not yet changed our bylaws to allow non-officers to also vote by email between regular monthly meetings, you and Rebecca can obviously outvote me. But there is no particular rush on this. I would suggest waiting and seeing whether others have a view as to whether we should reschedule our meeting or not. As I’ve said, I think it’s good to try to get consensus, and work together as a group. In my view, the situation doesn’t rise to the necessity of rescheduling, since the LPC can readily accommodate us by hearing the issue at some time during their meeting that day other than between 3 and 5 pm when the LPSF meeting takes place.

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From: “Richard Fast fastrichard77@gmail.com [lpsf-activists]”

Posted by: Starchild sfdreamer@earthlink.net

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No amount of waiting will change the fact that Richard will be unable to attend the LPSF meeting. I’ve posted that three times in this list. Will you acknowledge that Richard will not attend the LPSF meeting if it remains on June 13? We will be down to two officers if we meet on Saturday. I think that is a very good reason to move the meeting. Additionally the executive committee has in the past voted between meetings. That’s what we were elected to do.

All 3 officers have an interest in the ExCom meeting happening on the
same day and time as the LPSF meeting. It makes sense to me to re-schedule
for the next day where no conflict occurs.

Since Rebecca has resigned, and I can't make June 13 meeting, that means
if one officer is present that is insufficient for quorum-- meaning SF will
not hold a business meeting for the month of May. I urge Starchild to
support a June 14 meeting instead at the same scheduled time.

* will not hold a business meeting for the month of June.

(Apologies, I'm typing on my phone.)